Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Servers are the engines powering small businesses worldwide. Start with our base plan and add however much RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU cores you need…

Cloud Server (PV)

Paravirtualised to run Linux at optimal speed

Choose from a variety of Linux distributions

Full root access to your chosen OS

Hosting control panel Virtualmin available on demand

Emergency serial console access

Cloud Server (HVM)

Hardware virtualisation for total flexibility

Choose from Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and more

Full root/administrator access to your chosen OS

Windows SPLA licensing available

VNC console access

rSnapshot Server Backups

Get nightly backups of your Cloud Server's entire hard disk, with the ability to go back in time if you accidentally delete a file you later discover you need. We'll keep...

  • 7 nightly backups

  • 4 weekly backups

  • 3 monthly backups
Backups are stored in a different city to your Cloud Servers to ensure you have a fully off-site backup. All backups are stored within the UK on encrypted storage.

Backup storage comes in 256GB blocks, and can be shared amongst all your Cloud Servers.

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