Livedrive Backup

512GB+ Backup Space

Completely hassle free – monitors files as you work

512GB+ storage – it doesn’t matter how many files you have on your computer, we’ll back them all up

Unlimited computers – one account covers every computer you own

Extremely easy to use and install

Keeps up to 30 versions of any file, so you can go back in time

Keeps copies of deleted files

Your files are 100% safe and secure in our London datacenters

Access from the web, iPhone, iPad and Android with our free apps

Simple yet powerful software for Windows and Macs

Livedrive Pro

512GB+ Backup Space

512GB+ Briefcase Space
Everything in Backup, plus...

A new online drive ("Briefcase") that you can access anywhere

Access files from any web browser on any computer

Browse files from the iPhone, iPad or Android – even stream music and movies on the go

Accounts start at 512GB – add more space as you need it

Share files with friends and family with one click

Access the cloud storage by FTP, SFTP and WebDAV

Livedrive for Business

1TB+ Storage Space

1 or more users
Powerful and easy-to-use backup for all of the PCs in the office

Collaborate on documents by creating Team Folders which are synced between all of their computers

Each user gets their own Briefcase and backup storage

Share files with other businesses with one click using your own custom branded web portal

Access documents anywhere – users can access documents on their PC or Team Folders from desktop apps, web browsers, and mobile apps

Control over your how much data each user is allowed to store

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