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Setting up two-factor authentication for the first time Print

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If you haven't set up two-factor authentication, on your next login to our customer portal you'll be shown a page telling you that setup is now required to continue. Follow these simple steps to get set up:

  • Start by downloading the Google Authenticator app onto your smartphone from either the iOS App Store, or the Google Play Store
  • Once the app is installed, use another device (such as a computer or tablet) to login to the customer portal website
  • After providing your email address and password, if you haven't yet set up two-factor authentication you'll be shown a page telling you that setup is now required, click the green Click here to Enable button
  • A dialog box will then pop up, click the Get Started button
  • You'll then be shown a QR code -- do not attempt to scan it with the camera app on your phone
  • On your phone, open the Google Authenticator and press either the Begin Setup button or the + button
  • Press Scan barcode -- your phone's camera will open
  • Point your camera at the screen and it will read the QR code
  • Your phone will then give you a 6 digit code which changes every 30 seconds
  • After successfully scanning the code, your phone will show you a six digit number, type it into the box on our website and click the Submit button to continue
  • Make a note of your backup code -- you can use this code to regain access to our website if you lose your phone or accidentally delete the Google Authenticator app
  • Press Close in the bottom right of the dialog and you're all set!

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